Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome to my project!

This morning while going through my morning routine of getting myself and the kids ready for the day an idea came to me, I was going to start a blog that would combine a few of my passions in life; History, Travel and Photography. I have been an avid history buff for years now, and recently I have started on a Masters degree to make it official (I am still not quite sure what I will do with said degree, but I can figure that out later!). Photography is another long time hobby and sometime profession of mine. Since the purchase of my digital SLR four years ago I have taken upwards of 6,000 pictures, and this does not include the countless rolls of film in the preceding 10 years. I take pictures of everything, from landscapes to my favorite little camera hams (my kids!) and my husband (and our bank account) was overjoyed when digital cameras hit the market and all my pictures would not have to be printed! The third passion to be covered in this blog (and one I like to think ties in nicely with the other two) is travel. I was fortunate enough to live in Europe for four years and have visited a number of amazing sites, but in my opinion you can never visit to many different places! There is something exciting and time travel-esque about walking the path of history, about being in the presence of artifacts and cultures that have vibrant stories to tell.

So now onto my project (and the reason why you are reading this!); I propose to visit, delve into, and explore a different historical location (be it a site or a town) every week. During my travels I will research and provide the historical context to go along with my photos and commentary from each trip. Along the way I hope to better experience life in America and to maybe inspire a few people along the way to do the same. I will also be providing links for those of my readers who would like to purchase (and thus help fund my project!) various products featuring the photographs from my travels, things like wall posters, prints, mouse pads, and mugs to name a few.

My first locations will start with the First State: Delaware!

Happy Travels!